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Check out the photos from the Summer Workshop on Terrorism’s 2005 meeting.


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1. Summer Workshop on Teaching about Terrorism (SWOTT): A Report on SWOTT 2005 and Information on SWOTT 2006.

2. SWOTT launches new website

3. Victor Asal Speaks about Terrorism in Moscow: A Synopsis




This newsletter kicks off what we hope to be a growing and continuous endeavor. We hope to provide a community and network of diverse scholars researching and teaching in the areas of political violence, terrorism, and homeland security.

Traditional discipline subfields, different theoretical orientations, and methodological individualization can create cleavages among researchers. For example, political conflict-cooperation processes (e.g., foreign policy processes, international war, third party interventions, ethnic conflict, civil war, state repression, political dissent, transnational and domestic terrorism, etc ) are often studied by both comparative politics and international relations scholars using a variety of theoretical orientations (e.g., cultural, structural, rational, psychological, etc.), cases studies and large sample cross-sectional designs, and both qualitative and quantitative methods. Yet, the intersections are seldom leveraged to their full capacities to mature science and grow the field. One reason for this neglect of progressive research is the lack of attention to one another’s work across subfields, theoretical frameworks, and research methodologies. We hope to provide information across these divides and at the very least acknowledge the work being done across communities of scholars studying political violence and terrorism related subjects.

Plan for the Future
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At this point, we plan to distribute a quarterly newsletter with news about the field from multiple angles. It will provide information on recent political violence and terrorism books and articles. Article and book reviews will eventually be added to the mix. We also will provide information on members, their current research programs and projects, and their achievements within the field. We hope that as the newsletter develops some of you will submit editorials and/or debate essays on important topics within the field. Op-ed pieces are also welcome.

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