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Asal, Shellman, and other SWOTT participants earn International Studies Workshop grant to study “why groups turn to terror.”

Recently, Victor Asal and Stephen Shellman earned an ISA workshop grant to defray travel costs for other SWOTT participants to convene a meeting to begin writing an edited volume. The volume will answer the question: “why do groups turn to terror?”

The proposed table of contents is below:

Chp.1 Introduction and theoretical framework - Victor Asal and Steve Shellman

Chp. 2 Saudi Arabian Islamists - Lewis Griffith

Chp. 3 Egyptian Islamists - Katherine Carroll

Chp. 4 Columbian Leftists - Jennifer Holmes

Chp. 5 Catholics in N. Ireland - Maura Conway

Chp. 6 Ulster Unionists - Paul Harwood

Chp. 7 Radical Environmentalists - Gary Ackerman

Chp. 8 Palestinians - Mia Bloom

Chp. 9 Tamil Nationalists in Sri Lanka - Greg Miller

Chp. 10 Boolean Analysis - Victor Asal and Steve Shellman

Chp. 11 Conclusions - Victor Asal and Steve Shellman

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