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| Vol. 1 No. 1 | Winter 2005 |

Executive Editors:
Gregory D. Miller
Stephen M. Shellman
Associate Editors:
Drew Oldham (Books & Articles)
Lauren Coffey (News Stories)
Managing Editor:
Samantha Meek
Graphic Design:
Joe Young
Benton Sangster

Welcome To The Premiere Issue Of "The Terror & Conflict Monitor"
This newsletter kicks off what we hope to be a growing and continuous endeavor. We hope to provide a community and network of diverse scholars researching and teaching in the areas of political violence, terrorism, and homeland security... [+] more

Victor Asal Speaks About Terrorism In Moscow: A Synopsis

Victor Asal, Ph.D., a 2005 attendee of the Summer Workshop On Teaching about Terrorism (SWOTT), was recently invited to speak at Moscow State University as an expert on terrorism in addition to talking to faculty and teaching students about research possibilities...
[+] more

Asal, Shellman, and other SWOTT participants earn International Studies Workshop grant to study “why groups turn to terror.”... [+] more

Summer Workshop On Teaching about Terrorism (SWOTT): A Report on SWOTT 2005 and Information on SWOTT 2006:
SWOTT 2005
SWOTT 2006

SWOTT Launches New Website
SWOTT is a crash-course for advanced PhD students and faculty of all levels who intend to teach and/or conduct research on terrorism-related subjects:

Coming in the Spring 2006 issue... [+] more

SWOTT 2005
Check out photos from SWOTT 2005.

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