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Hospitium, or home, is derived from the Greek word meaning where you wish to be.

However, hospice is not just a place or building, but is a concept of care that can be delivered wherever the patient is. Often used interchangeably with palliative care, hospice is a truly holistic and interdisciplinary approach toward caring for the terminally ill.

The overriding objectives of hospice care are to: honour a person's right to dignity and respect; the relief of suffering; and, the achievement of a peaceful death, free from physical, spiritual and emotional distress.

In all respects, hospice emphasizes the importance of "living until one dies" within a caring and compassionate environment.

Hill House Hospice is a home-like alternative to institutional care and in-home care for those who are in the final stage of a terminal illness.

36 Wright Street, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada L4C 4A1
p: (905) 737-9308 f: (905) 737-4807

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